“Everything you can imagine is real.”
– Pablo Picasso –

Danii Kessjan is a French native living in Germany. Having always had a strong penchant for the arts, she is a collage artist by passion, yet a translator by profession. Experimenter and artistic researcher at the same time, she has developed a unique artistic style utilising the medium of digital collage and specific layering, cutting and assembling techniques.

Contrary to her former digital work (https://anotherwayofart.wordpress.com/), this new artwork follows the principles of the “Synthetic Cubism” (1912–1919), an art genre, in which cut paper fragments – often wallpaper or portions of newspaper pages – were pasted into compositions, marking the first use of collage in fine art.

Danii’s artwork analyzes the human landscape – especially the female figure in terms of their shapes, yet aiming to abstraction and to de-structuration. The abstracted compositions she creates depict aesthetical and colourful narrative scenes, inviting delight, intrigue, even a bit of controversy.

The artist Hannah Höch once said: “I tried everything out and never worried about artistic signature and stylistic characteristics”. Danii thinks art is the place of perfect freedom and this is the way she feels while creating her art.

“The several manners I have used in my collage art must not be considered as an evolution or as steps towards an unknown ideal of collaging, but is rather to be understood as a need to experiencing new approaches. If the subjects I have wanted to express have suggested different ways of expression I have never hesitated to adopt them. Collaging is my way of being pro-active visually, to say I am aligned with the mystery of this world.”

Danii Kessjan is working on commission work and selling artwork through her website. Her collages are available in Giclée print on Hahnemühle FineArt paper, in A4 or A3 formats, – each print is signed.





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